Zenko Wychrij

Zenko Wychrij

29 October 2018 By

Zenko has worked for 40 years in FMCG businesses. He has held various management positions in Operations, QA and R&D. During this time, he has managed and provided worldwide technical assistance in assorted food product groups: Culinary, Chilled, Frozen, Liquid and Powdered (is it rather dry Desserts, just to be consistent).  He has overseen manufacturing leadership in the development of Standard Operating Procedures and defining optimal organisational setups across a number of technologies and manufacturing sites. Zenko has deep knowledge in focussed operational improvement, lean in manufacturing and the development of new manufacturing technologies.

He is recognised as an expert in food due to his extensive knowledge and experience in new product developments in dry and wet culinary products, dry baking products and wet dessert sauces.

He is very passionate about food, food ingredients and production technologies which have been instrumental in the successful development of worldwide innovative food products.

In the last 22 years Zenko has worked in different markets of Western, Central and Eastern Europe. During this time, he has also executed various many projects in Africa, Asia and Central America.

Zenko actively supported talent retention in the organisation. He has good mentoring skills and has delivered numerous coaching and training programs in the personal development of people in preparation for their next career step.

Zenko is married and currently lives in Switzerland.