Tim Whitehead

Timothy Whitehead

19 October 2018 By

With a degree in Chemistry Tim started his management career in the laboratory of a Dye and Chemical company in the UK before quickly becoming Sales Manager for a business of £ 1 million turnover as well as launching an international sales operation.

Seeing an opportunity for a small scale, nimble, product focused business in the sector, Tim set up his own company in 1978 and as Chairman and Managing Director saw the business grow from zero to one employing 65 people with annual sales of £15 million and a 40% gross profit. He led the design and build on a greenfield site, managed the installation of equipment, developed new processes , recruited staff and led the sales and marketing strategy and execution of the business.

Export sales were a feature of the business and he set up a business in Wuhan, China modelled on the UK business using western technology and expertise in the production and ecological areas of the business. The business grew and developed a business of 50% gross profit. Tim led a new team who relied heavily on his expertise and vision resulting in a business that produced product both for the local and export markets. The business was sold in 2007 and until 2018 Tim remained in China using his local knowledge as a liaison service for European and Chinese contacts.

Tim is now based in the UK with his wife and young son and is a keen swimmer, cyclist and sailor.