Agnieszka Łakińska

Agnieszka Łakińska

24 October 2018 By

Business and HR consultant focused on supporting individuals and organisations to achieve their desired results. Since 1998 Agnieszka has worked with a range of businesses in Poland, and abroad, particularly in the territory of CIS and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation), both multinational and local. She has been delivering successful business solutions for companies from diverse sectors including: metallurgy, oil &gas, pharmaceutical, energy, banking & financial, retail, professional services and local government. A common feature of these projects has been the enhancement of the effectiveness of work, at the individual and enterprise level, resulting from changes in the work climate, and improvement of people-related management systems employed there

Agnieszka loves travelling and meeting people of other cultures, also – learning new languages to communicate with them directly.

I definitely place myself as a person of:

  • HR Management – generalist, with sound base in resourcing and development, as well as rewarding and recognition
  • Mentor/ Development “assistant” to people at deifferent organisational levels

Organisation (planning and) development