Perhaps a mindset thing

Perhaps a mindset thing cont.

7 March 2019 By 0 Comments

Moving this into the work place provides some interesting options. The culture, processes and indeed the personalities create a dependent mindset. One where individuals don’t take decisions or responsibility and wait to be told what to do. This might suit certain individuals, however management might be frustrated because individuals don’t take responsibility, aren’t proactive, won’t make decisions. So the relationships in this case are misaligned, individuals crave dependency, management wants a more independent or even interdependent mindset. Motivational levels are low, tensions are high and performance is impacted. Change is required.

You might feel the only way to break out from this dependency trap is to work for yourself and become Independent. You have responsibility, decision making authority and go about work without others telling you what to do. Great if you are prepared to make that leap. However, even in this independent Nirvana we don’t exist in Isolation. Jack Trevor story made the comment “we are not an island but we are perhaps a peninsular”. There is therefore a likely pull towards interdependency, recognising that heading towards the mainland is moving us in this direction. Retaining an independence of mind but recognising we have to be interdependent to succeed.

Considering your own circumstances where are you and you where you want to be and how does that fit with others in your life?

Stephen Swinney

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