Mindplay as a partner with Crafted Outcomes

Mindplay works to restore the balance between imaginative and rational approaches to addressing opportunities and challenges.

In most organisations, there is a strong bias towards using rationality.  In a world that is changing ever more rapidly and in unpredictable ways, the need to bring creativity back into the frame to help solve problems, develop strategies, see new possibilities and stay ahead of the competition is vital.  Our purpose is ‘Rekindling imaginations at work’

We do this by teaching people how to use storytelling, imagery, metaphor and symbolism to create new possibilities and then bring in rationality to generate viable business solutions.

We have developed the Mindplay Innovation Ecosystem to help an organisation measure and identify where it needs to focus its effort to optimise innovation.

The combination of diagnosing the innovation ecosystem and delivering interventions to develop innovation capability means that we bring a unique offer to transforming the creativity and innovation in an organisation.

Industry experience/expertise:  Professional services, Technology & Pharma

Areas/circumstance where these have been or can be applied:

  • Developing or communicating a new strategy
  • Creating a new business model
  • Breaking into a new market
  • Making a step change in brand perception
  • Creating or testing a new product or service concept
  • Taking employee engagement to a higher level
  • Building a high impact communication plan for a new product
  • Transforming customer satisfaction levels