Fit for purpose or fit for failure

Fit for purpose or fit for failure

3 April 2019 By 0 Comments

Crafted outcomes partners and associates have many things in common. We have extensive business experience we want to use that experience by helping businesses and organisations to achieve their goals and we actually enjoy the work that we do.

Another experience that we have is that many of us have worked in markets that are not our home markets and have seen where this has failed in companies for a variety of reasons and led to some very serious problems. In a forthcoming series of articles our associates will share their experience in working in different markets and how they overcame difficulties often not of their own making. This article aims to give some general guidelines to both companies and employees before they set out for their new roles in foreign lands.

We are assuming that the business has chosen its area of activity carefully and is looking to set up its business in this market, either from scratch or after having acquired a local business.

A critical key to success in these ventures is to ensure that there is a plan upon entry to the market that is both realistic and flexible enough to be amended should circumstances demand. As part of this strategy is what skills /experiences are needed within the business at each stage of the strategy.


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