Fit for purpose or fit for failure

Fit for purpose or fit for failure 2

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cont… what skills /experiences are needed within the business at each stage of the strategy?

Stage 1

This is the first stage of the operation when typically a small rep office or small office of the local business is set up with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of the market, competitor activity, lobbying where necessary as well as planning operations/supply chain and sales strategy.

Typically at this stage a business would appoint as GM someone who has relevant experience of a start up with strong links to HQ and who HQ trust and rely on. Their direct reports will typically be experienced function heads with a record of business building as well as more junior members of the team who have been identified as employees with potential who need new experiences and exposures. All need to display a can do attitude, not hidebound by bureaucracy and capable of making decisions quickly and logically.

Businesses have stated that once they announce they are setting up a business in a new market they often receive requests from that nations diaspora for positions that allow them to return to their native lands. Great caution needs to be exercised here as this has often led to friction.

Expats working at this stage tend to be extremely busy in challenging in often challenging circumstances and therefore the package of support both remunerative and non -remunerative needs to be carefully thought through.

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